My Top Tier Business Review 2015 – MOBE & MTTB Legit or Scam?

My Top Tier Business Review 2015 – MOBE & MTTB Legit or Scam?: Hey folks, welcome to my site and it looks like you are look for an honest My Top Tier Business Review and bonuses to grab when you purchase the product. Well, let me tell you what – “You are absolutely in the right place” as I’ll now make a detailed review of the My Top Tier Business system created by Matt Lloyd – one of the most successful internet marketers out there. Since you have landed here, I’m pretty sure that you are interested in making money online. Have you so far tried different opportunity based products or systems that claimed you to make tons and tons of money for you overnight, but haven’t yet enabled you to make even your first dollar online? Well then it’s the right TIME for you say goodbye to those crappy systems and get involved in this 100% working and proven system that will help you set up a lucrative online business and a passive income stream for you and your family, known as – My Top Tier Business – a part of the My Online Business Empire series of products by Matt Lloyd. Keep on reading this post to know more about what MTTB really is and how it can help you to make big money on the internet.


My Top Tier Business Review


My Top Tier Business
My Top Tier Business


Basically, your first question about this product will be – What ‘My Top Tier Business’ really is? Aren’t you having the same question in your mind? Well, let me make it easier for you to understand what this system really is, how it works, how much powerful it is and how much money can you make money with this system.

As I said earlier, it’s an information and opportunity based product by Matt Lloyd which will teach you how to make $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions online with very little efforts. It’s a training which involves 21 steps, that you are needed to follow and complete to be able to make at least $1000 in commissions within 21 days. The beauty of this system is that it also provides you with an amazing income opportunity i.e. it allows you to make 90% commissions on all the products owned by the system creator and the training will teach you how to make those sales to earn 90% commissions of those top tier products.

My Top Tier Business involves selling of only top tier products. You may now ask – “What do you mean by a top tier product?” Well, I had the same question when I started out with this system. So basically, ‘Top Tier’ means high end products that delivers high value and often costs more. Top tier products generally falls among those which costs more than $1000. So, why do you need to know about top tier products when you want to make money with ‘My Top Tier Business’? As I said earlier, this system includes selling of only top tier i.e. high priced products, and the great part is that – you can earn a flat 90% commissions on those top tier products when you join MTTB. That’s sounds great, and profitable as well, isn’t it? But you may have another question in mind – wouldn’t it be too hard to sell those top tier products to earn 90% commissions on them? Yes, it’ll be a bit hard and will take more efforts to sell such products as compared to lower priced products, but let me tell you what – you can MAKE MORE MONEY with Top Tier Products. Why? Well, here’s an explanation:

First Case: Suppose you are promoting a $20 product which gets you an affiliate commissions of 50% i.e. $10 per sale of the product through your affiliate link.

And you make 50 sales per month by promoting the product through different methods, with an investment of $200 on the paid traffic sources. So, that will take your monthly income from this product to:

50 sales x $10 per sale = $500 in commissions

Now, your net profit will be = $500 – $200 = $300 (Not really a figure, you see)

Now let’s have a look at the second case of promoting top tier products for higher prices.

Second Case: Suppose you are promoting a product of $1000 (top tier product) that gives you an affiliate commission of 50% i.e. $500 sale. Like the previous case, you invest the same amount i.e. $200 to drive in traffic and make sales. Now, let’s get into the calculation:

You’ve made 3 sales in a course of 30 days for that top tier product, that will take your total income to:

3 sales x $500 per sale = $1500

Now, cutting off your investment = $1500 – $1200 = $1300 in commissions (that’s whooping, isn’t it)

Do you see the power of promoting Top Tier products? As in the example above, you have made $1000 more with the top tier product as compared to the lower price product with the same amount of investment. That’s the real power of Top Tier!

Although, it seems that it’s hard to make top tier sales, but with even a few sales, you can make big bucks. Therefore, MTTB brings a new revolution in the internet marketing industry which involves selling of only highly priced products, that enables people to make more commissions. So, that’s what My Top Tier Business is all about? You drive in traffic to those top tier products and make big commissions with very little efforts.

But that’s not all, My Top Tier Business even makes the process of selling those top tier products much easier that you could even think. They provide you with your own sales team, which will make phone calls to your referred leads on your behalf and will make the sales for you. That’s completely automated, and you don’t even need to pick up your phone to get those phone calls. The sales team will try their best to make those sales for you, as they will too get paid commissions based on the sales they make for you. Here are different calls that your dedicated sales team can handle for you:

  • Lead Inquiries
  • Pre-membership Coaching Calls
  • Post-coaching Emails
  • New Member Orientation Calls
  • New Member Strategy Session
  • New Member Business Plan Call
  • New Member Marketing Plan Call
  • Funding Calls
  • Member Support Calls
  • Member Support Emails

As you can see, the follow up portion of your business can be extensive, and it is not unusual to spend 5 -10 hours on the phone over the course of 2 to 4 weeks with each new member.  It is easy to see how having a veteran coach handle this part of your business for you can result in drastically increased sales. What other programs in the industry do you see offering something like that?

Here are the details and numbers on exactly how it works (stated percentages are estimates based on historical averages):

  • You have leads coming in.  50%+ of the leads will have phone numbers.  You will want these leads to be called (they wouldn’t have put in their phone number if they weren’t interested in speaking to someone).  SPP enrolees have their leads called by MOBE’s call center and fast start coaches.
  • About 1-2% of your total leads will join MOBE. 2-3% of them will request a coaching call.
  • These customers typically represent about 75% of the total revenue you’ll generate in your business. The remaining 25% comes from people who aren’t interested in the business, but purchase one of the MOBE affiliate products which are promoted later in the funnel.
  • In return for handling all follow up and closing the sales, MOBE splits commissions with you.
  • Even if you are a veteran sales professional, nothing is as impressive to your potential customer as witnessing firsthand how your phone follow up is done for you by a coach (remember your potential customer is likely NOT a veteran sales professional).
  • Breakdown:
  • MOBE “Platinum ” commission = $9,000. SPP members earn $5,000 without picking up the phone, with the remaining $4,000 paid to the Top Tier coach.
  • MOBE “Titanium” commission = $5,000 SPP members earn $3,000 without picking up the phone, with the Top Tier coach getting paid $2,000.
  • MOBE License Rights commission = $1000. SPP member earns $1000 without picking up the phone (while the Top Tier coach gets $450).
  • You may opt out of the SPP at any time once you are ready to handle your own follow up and MOBE gives you a position as a coach. At this time you will be making the coach commissions as well.

Another important detail: MOBE’s sales team is paid on commission only. Meaning, if they’re not getting sales for you, they’re not getting paid. That means, they are motivated to make sales for you, and they will absolutely try their best to get those sales for you and get themselves commissions at the same time.

Remember that MTTB is just a front end product, there are 3 more backend top tier products in My Top Tier Business, which are essential to make you big amount of commissions. The first backend product is, MOBE License Rights Program of worth $1997 that gives you the license or rights to promote all the products of My Online Business Empire and earn big commissions. Furthermore, once you become a MOBE licensee, you can also promote the license rights program and earn a whooping 50% commission on the backend i.e. $1000 commissions from the sales being made for you (by the sales team). Here are a few things you need to know about the MOBE License Rights Program:

  • Your products that you can market and sell have been developed for you (while you develop your own if you want) on which you will get generous commissions. The products include;
  • MOBE License Rights value of $1997 –  $1000 Commissions from sales being made for you and being automatically sent to your account!
  • IM Revolution Handbook value of $9.95 – 90% Commission
  • 4 products value of $297 each – 90% Commission each
  • Ten Thousand Leads in 100 days weekly webinar – Value of $2400 – $1200 Commission
  • 6 self training modules (work at your own pace)
  • Capture pages prepared for you (You don’t have to set up own website)

Own automated email responders (All the copy is done for you)

  • Automated Matt Lloyd webinar (You don’t have do any selling yourself)
  • Optional leads COOP Option (Immediately available – make money while generating your own)
  • Your own dedicated one on one traffic/marketing coach for 3 sessions on getting traffic to your business, marketing and branding.
  • PLUS… something you cannot get elsewhere… your own professional sales team to sell your products for you. (More about this in a moment)

It’s also the first step to earning even higher commissions of $3000 and $5000 on other Top Tier Products such as:

The Titanium Mastermind Program
The Platinum Mastermind Program

Also, by become a MOBE Licensee, you don’t only get access to promote all the products of MOBE and earn commissions, but also get some of their products for free. Here’s a list of products that you will get for FREE once you become a MOBE Licensee:


MOBE License Rights Program
MOBE License Rights Program


  • My Email Marketing Empire – The product that allowed Matt Lloyd to make his first $10,000 online is now yours to create that same future. You can sell it for $194 and keep 90% of the profits on this 8 video, and 87+ page digital course. ($2,997 Value)
  • Matt Lloyd’s 112,000 Lead Capture Page +  11 Part Follow Up Autoresponder Sequence – The EXACT page Matt Llyod used to generate well over 112,000 leads and the exact email autoresponder sequence he used to sell $100,000s worth of the exact products you’re about to lease are yours to carbon copy and use right now. ($1,997 Value)
  • Affiliate Bonus Domination – Matt Llyod’s first home study course, this high profit, one of a kind course which teaches in over 10 hours of live case study video how to master the fine art of dominating affiliate launches, and winning $1,000′s in cash prizes is yours to profit with 90% commissions. I’ve sold a LOT of copies at the retail price of $289 and now you get that same opportunity. It doesn’t take many sales of this bad boy to make for a good month. We’ll even do all the fulfillment for you! ($5,997.00 Value)
  • The O.P.T. Formula – The ultimate program on leveraging ‘Other People’s Time’ through effective outsourcing and building your million dollars teams. By far Matt Lloyd’s most utilized product which you get to sell for $194 and keep 90% of the money. Is now yours ($5,997 Value)
  • BONUS: My Complete O.T.O. Funnel – That’s right, I’ve even compiled the 4 products listed above into the EXACT “one time offer” funnel I’ve used to sell over tens of thousands of dollars of these products for you to leverage right out of the gate. For simply sending people just ONE product with this funnel you’ll instantly triple your profits and have the opportunity to earn up to $591 per customer. I’ve never seen anyone offer this before, but I’m giving it to you as a special bonus. ($9,997.00)
  • BONUS: 3 x Free Strategy Sessions (done on the phone) with one of Matt Lloyd’s MOBE License consultants (Retail: $591)
  • FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: If you choose to make the upfront investment ($1,997), you’ll also get a free ticket to Matt Lloyd’s ‘Super Charge Seminar‘ – the only event dedicated to showing you how to make more money as a Licensee!  Over 2 days, you’ll hear from the highest paid MOBE Licensee’s on the planet (details will be emailed to you after you order)

Apart from the MOBE License Rights Program, there are two more top tier backend products that you can start promoting to earn $3000 and $5000 commissions respectively for each sale made by you or made for you by the sales team. The first product is – Titanium Mastermind Program. As a Titanium Mastermind member, you will have the secrets to some of the smartest minds on the planet when it comes to wealth, marketing, and personal development. You will have the keys to unlock the doors to true wealth and independence. You’ll become a part of something much bigger than just sitting behind a desk each day working on your business. You’ll truly become a partner and friend.

As a Titanium Partner, you’ll be invited to join us at one of our annual Titanium Masterminds, hosted in some of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s at these retreats where you’ll connect and network with some of the best minds on the planet. You’ll discover new strategies to take your business to 6 and 7 figures and beyond. The Titanium Mastermind Program offers:

A 3-Day, 4-Night Annual Event to Ignite Your Prosperity Consciousness and Power

Titanium Mastermind is MOBE’s three-day wealth-building retreat for serious students of success who are ready immerse themselves in abundance.

Matt Lloyd have brought together some of the finest and most successful speakers in the entire world to share their secrets of how they’ve amassed sheer fortunes just by knowing the simple steps that are hidden from the general public. An example of the calibre of their speakers, is Joe Sugarman who’s a pioneer in the business world, most famous for selling over 20 million pairs of Blu Blocker sunglasses, he’s also written many best selling books, like Triggers, and ‘Advertising Secrets of the Written Word.’

As a lifetime member of Titanium Mastermind, you not only get to attend the Titanium Mastermind, but you have permanent resale rights to the program and will make $3,000 commissions on every Titanium Mastermind membership sold for you by the sales team. So, by becoming a Titanium Mastermind member, you will be taking your income per sale to $4000 ($1000 for the MOBE License Rights Program referral + $3000 for the Titanium Mastermind Program referral). But that’s completely optional, you don’t necessarily have to become a Titanium Mastermind Program to be able to generate income with My Top Tier Business. But I’ll recommend to to get it because if you are not a Titanium Mastermind member, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You will get just $1000 in commissions for each sale when you are a MOBE License Rights member, but you will get a whooping $4000 in commissions when you are into the MOBE Titanium Mastermind program as well.

Now, the other top tier product on the backend is – Platinum Mastermind Program. As a Platinum Mastermind member, ou will now have the secrets to some of the smartest minds on the planet when it comes to wealth, marketing, and personal development. You’ll also have the exclusive rights to market this same program, and make $5,000 commissions per sale. Furthermore, the MOBE team also holds Platinum Retreat every year (it was held in Fiji last time). As a Platinum Member, accommodations, food and drinks, entertainment, everything for two is paid for. Just get yourself there and then immerse yourself in the experience. The Platinum Mastermind Program offers:

5 Days in Paradise to Immerse You in Millionaire Consciousness

Platinum Mastermind is our absolute top-shelf program that is only available to the most committed entrepreneurs. This program guarantees you the right to make $5,000 commissions on each sale so we are very careful whom we allow in a mastermind like this.

When you get access to Platinum, you gain the mentorship and contacts of the most powerful personal change experts in the world. This will give you the opportunity to start lifelong relationships with true masters of the money game. You also get to attend one of the annual Platinum Masterminds – which are held in different locations each year.

When you get into the Platinum Mastermind Program, you will be able to earn an amazing $5000 in commissions for each sale made for you by the sales team. You just need to drive in traffic to MTTB, and when you are into all these three programs, you will be able to make up to $9000 in commissions for each sale. Keep in mind that YOU JUST NEED TO BRING IN TRAFFIC, the rest of the selling process will be handled by your sales team. Anyways, for detailed explanation, here’s a breakdown of the income you will be earning for each sale:

$1000 Commissions for the MOBE License Rights Program + $3000 Commissions for the Titanium Mastermind Program + $5000 Commissions for the Platinum Mastermind Program = $9000 Total in Commissions!

But, let me tell you that getting into the Titanium and the Platinum Mastermind Programs, are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. You can choose not to get into these programs, and still earn $1000 commissions for each sale made by your sales team. But by doing that, you will be leaving $8000 on the table, so it’s recommended for you to join all these programs for maximum profit.

At last, I want to make a quick list of the list when you will join My Top Tier Business. So, here’s everything you will get once you will become a MTTB member (and don’t forget to check the bonuses at the end of this review which you will get when you will join under me):

  • The whole ‘My Top Tier Business‘ training program which will teach you how to get $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions in just 21 days following this guaranteed money making system consisting of 21 steps.
  •  Your own SALES TEAM which will MAKE SALES FOR YOU, without you ever having to pick the phone to make those sales. The idea is simple, they will make those PHONE SALES for you, and a small part of those commissions will go to the sales team’s pockets.
  • A personal 1-on-1 coach who will provide you coaching over Skype or phone on anything and anytime you want. I’m also a MTTB member, and my personal coach – Drew Trainor, provides me everything I want to know about the program and also provides coaching about getting traffic and making more sales. By the way, all the coaches in the system are 6-figure earners of the system itself).
  • Daily training lessons, videos and webinars to understand more about internet marketing, the system and the art of making sales.
  • Instant access to all the products of My Online Business Empire, which will help you get more traffic, leads and sales on the go.
  • A 24×7 read-to-help customer support team who will help you with anything regarding the system.
  • MY BONUSES, which I’ll give to you when you join MTTB under me.


How to Join My Top Tier Business?


My Top Tier Business Instant Access


So, after reading everything clearly about ‘My Top Tier Business‘, you have decided to join it. Right? Well, I’m sure you have made a very good choice. Be ready to get rid of all your financial problems, and start making a lucrative income on the internet using this guaranteed money making system from Matt Lloyd. Join MTTB is pretty simple, here’s the joining process:

(1) Head over to this MTTB application page, and fill up the form – JOIN MY TOP TIER BUSINESS NOW!

(2) The application fees is $49 which 100% refundable if the application is rejected. That’s a little investment you will need to get started with this system, but I think that’s NOTHING in front of what you will earn after complete this 21-steps program.

(3) Once you purchase it, you will get an email from the MTTB team consisting of your login details and contact details of your PERSONAL coach. It might sometimes go to the spam folder, so double check it if you don’t get the details after purchasing.

(4) Now log into the system using the credentials you got in your mailbox, you will see a set of 21-steps which you can complete by spending just 30-minutes each day for a course of 21 days. The steps are pretty simple to complete, and you will learn a lot about GETTING TRAFFIC, LEADS and SALES in these 21-steps.

(5) If you have any query or questions, you can ask your personal coach over Skype or even phone – you can get help on almost anything starting from using the system to getting leads and sales.

(6) Now, if you have purchased through the link above, just contact me over mail or Skype with the email address you used to purchase the product. Anyways, here are my contact details:


Skype: crazyblogwalker


My Top Tier Business Bonuses


As I said earlier, you will get a set of BONUSES if you join My Top Tier Business under my link. So, if you haven’t yet joined MTTB, you can join it here:

Join My Top Tier Business Now!

Once you have purchased it, you will be eligible to GET THESE FREE BONUSES from me:

IM Revolution

(1) IM Revolution Ebook – Learn the business model that took me from making $700/month to $314,900.29/month in an 18 month period.

(2) Access to the Paid Traffic Sources that I’ve personally been using to generate over $4000 per month doing almost nothing.

(3) The ultimate Guide to Buy Solo Ads for cheap prices, and yet get high conversions, optins and sales. It also includes a list of sources to buy high converting solo ads.

(4) Free guide and assistance to make your first website or blog. If you have just started out, then just reach out to me – I’ll teach you how to start your website within 10-minutes and start getting free traffic & sales.

(5) Free personal assistance over Skype – Need any help regarding the My Top Tier Business system? I’m there to help, just ping me on Skype and I’ll get all your queries and questions answered.

To claim these bonuses, all you need to send me an email to – along with your name and the email address you had used to purchase this product. Once I’m done verifying the sale, I’ll deliver the BONUSES right away to your mailbox!

That’s it, if you still haven’t purchased the My Top Tier Business system yet, then just click on the button below and get instant access to this system to make your first $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions online, and also my BONUSES delivered to your mail:

My Top Tier Business Instant Access

To Your Success

Priyangshu Borgohain

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40 thoughts on “My Top Tier Business Review 2015 – MOBE & MTTB Legit or Scam?

    1. No, credit card is the only payment option as of now! If you want to join the program, I can help you. Add me on Skype – crazyblogwalker.

  1. I like your detailed review. If I decide to join, I will join under you…

    I have a question though.
    If I join for 49$ there are 21 steps to be followed…
    My question is that to follow the 21 steps do i need a self hosted website with hosting, auto responder etc. etc. or can I do with a blogspot blog?

    And secondly,
    Can you just outline the 21 steps for me only the headlines of the 21 steps will do. I am not tech savvy so I need to know whether I can do the 21 steps…

    1. Hey Mukund,

      I’m glad you liked my review. No, you don’t really need to have a self hosted site, a Blogger site will do the job as well.

      Secondly – Yes, I can outline a few of them. This is not just a great course for newbie internet marketers, but also a great income opportunity for job seekers. I have joined this program around 1.5 months ago, and have already made some sales. All I did is that I had driven paid traffic to my links, and boom – sales. If you are willing to join it, I can help you with traffic sources as well. Add me on Skype – crazyblogwalker. We can have a discussion there.

  2. Thanks for the great review – Is it possible to earn money still without paying for the MOBE Licence?

    I would like to join but dont have $2k for the Licence.

    The idea would be to get it from the earnings if that is realistically possible.


    1. Yes, you surely can. I clearly mentioned that all the back-end products are optional. You can simply join MTTB for $49 and start making 90% commission on the product i.e. $44 per sale. And once you have enough money, you can become a Licensee and you make more money.

      If you have any more questions or query, just talk to me on Skype, here’s my ID – crazyblogwalker.

  3. sir
    i am interested to join but a bit scared thinking that if i fail to complete the 21 stepsmy money is gone.According to you if i follow all the steps but unable to sell what will happen.or is it like that it is that i am bound to earn money if 1 completes the steps.One of my friend is daily mailing me to join.i asked him about his earnings and he replied that he had already made 1875 in three months. If he is easily making money then whats the need of asking me every hour to join MTTB. i feel bad to ask him.i hope your answer will be well understood.

    1. It’s a proven program. It contains a training course comprised of 21-steps, which will show you how to generate leads and sales for your affiliate products. It’s completely educating and worth the money. If you have any more questions, contact me on Skype. Here’s my Skype ID – crazyblogwalker.

  4. I joined top tier 10/13. I got through lesson 5 and went the next day and site down and still down. I can not finish my steps. I have also tried on 2 other computers and still says site no longer avalible. Please help

  5. So, If I.spend like $49 I can sell those products…But do I need to have a blog with high traffic? Or a large mailing list? Will you plz tell me which are the traffic use to sell such kind of products?

  6. I paid a $49 dollar application fee, and when I got to step 6 my coach told me that if I don’t purchase the $2000 license fee I don’t get to make the $1000 commissions . In the video Mat doesn’t mention this… He says he will make $1000 within 30 days or he will personally give you $500 back, and that he wouldn’t ask you to pay $5000 for the program until father you’ve made $50,000. So what’s the point of the $500 dollar back guarantee if you’re having to pay $2000 first. & if you decide to continue with out getting licensed right away you don’t get any commission from the traffic you bring other then 50% of their application fee. Now I have to come up with $2000??? At least the program could be fair and tell this part that they’re leaving out upfront.SMH.

    1. I already mentioned in my post that you need to pay $1997 to become a Licensee to make the $1000 commissions for each sale. However, you can also make 90% commission on your MTTB sales without becoming a Licensee.

      1. Hello,
        I am very interested in this method of online selling because I have been looking for something like this for a long time now and like Matt I have tested and tried many programs with no success!
        Don’t get me wrong I am a hard worker and I already run 2 very successful online selling sites through Facebook and Ebay. However, I don’t mind the initial $49 to sign up but realistically, I don’t have $2000 to invest immediately and want to know if I followed each of the 21 steps with just the $49 registration fee, what would I be able to promote and approximately how much money could I make within the first month?
        Clearly you are earning commissions for this blog which is fantastic, however I would appreciate an estimated commission for me with just the initial $49 registration over my first month please?
        I am studying Law and as I previously mentioned I have been looking for something like this for some time now and as I have a lot of spare time I am able to make daily visits and promotions but prior to signing up, if I spend say 1-2 hours a day with this can you provide me with an estimated commission after my first months work?
        Kind regards
        Nicola :)

  7. Üdvözöllek !!

    Szeretnék csatlakozni az MTTB rendszerhez, de sajnos csak angol nyelvű oldalakat találok és én nemtudom az angol nyelvet. Kérdezem, Magyarországon megtalálhto ????

    Üdvözlettel , KIss ferencné

  8. Hello PriyAngsHu:
    I was reading all the comment. I tried to join but it tells me $40.00 for one months and than $19.00 each month after is it true?
    I know little bit about the computer but not savy for website and not really good with blogging. If I join can you help with some of the info and about the 21 steps can you give me topic of it. I do not have skye set up yet but will tomorrow.
    Thaks SR

    1. There are 2 parts, but it’s easy to overlook exactly what’s happening at the time. The $49 is a one-off “apply to join” the program. The $19/m is for membership of Inner Circle. The first month of Inner Circle is a free trial, so the $19 doesn’t kick in until month 2. If you don’t want to stay with it, just cancel it.

  9. Hi,
    i am newbie in blogging world and no idea about aff. Marketing. If i spend my $49 from my pocket.
    Does i make 1000$ in first month.

    I am college going student but i am ready to give my 2-3 hours daily. does i make?

    Plz tell me….
    And i want to talk personally on skye can i

  10. Hello: I received one of your blue flyers in the mail on how to get started making
    big commissions by just sending you leads. However, I have been unemployed for quite a long time. I am interested in this offer, but I have no money nor a bank account. All I know to do is try to see what I can do to come up with fifty dollars and
    put the money on a visa money card that one can purchase in dept. stores. “Will this
    work just the same as a bank credit card”? Your program sounds pretty simple & easy.
    I can’t say how long this will take me, but I will do my best and see what I can do to work this out. Thank You for your time in reading my message!

    Rosalind Hines

  11. Hi Priyangshu,

    I have just completed the 21 steps, and I have to say that it is superb value at $49 even if you do absolutely nothing further. My understanding is that, even without the $2k license, you can still get 50% commission on product sales. I start my “traffic” coaching sessions on Saturday. My experience of the coaching to date has been inspiring and I’m very pleased to be in this business.

    Thanks for an excellent blog.


  12. Hi I m student from pakistan I m newbie in the world of online if I join under your team can I b able to earn 1k$ within a month by only joining mttb 49$
    And do I need to pay monthly 19$?

  13. I have payed thousands on online marketing scams and only have been just that SCAMMED. I have to be skeptical about any program offered on the internet as the only ones making the money are the scammers. So your telling me, I barely have any money left and am worried I will just lose another 49$ I cannot let that happen to me anymore. I desperately need to break free of my financial burden and become successful. This all sounds so promising but I thought that many other times and been proven wrong and left with empty pockets and feeling stressed out. I’m disabled and on a fixed income and this sounds like the ticket to my so called freedom, its guaranteed that I won’t be forced into paying any more money until I feel like doing the upgrade myself right?

    1. There’s just an initial sign up fees of $49 which will turn you into a MTTB member and you can promote it as well, to make 90% commissions on your sales.

  14. Hello,
    Sorry I don’t want to block up your page, however I posted this comment yesyerday and as yet I haven’t received a reply. So if its not too much trouble would you kindly let me know exactly where I stand?, Thank you: Hello, I am very interested in this method of online selling because I have been looking for something like this for a long time now and like Matt I have tested and tried many programs with no success!
    Don’t get me wrong I am a hard worker and I already run 2 very successful online selling sites through Facebook and Ebay. However, I don’t mind the initial $49 to sign up but realistically, I don’t have $2000 to invest immediately and want to know if I followed each of the 21 steps with just the $49 registration fee, what would I be able to promote and approximately how much money could I make within the first month?
    Clearly you are earning commissions for this blog which is fantastic, however I would appreciate an estimated commission for me with just the initial $49 registration over my first month please?
    I am studying Law and as I previously mentioned I have been looking for something like this for some time now and as I have a lot of spare time I am able to make daily visits and promotions but prior to signing up, if I spend say 1-2 hours a day with this can you provide me with an estimated commission after my first months work?
    Kind regards
    Nicola :)

    1. It all depends on your marketing strategy, if you do it right, you can make more than you think with this program. It has a huge potential right now.

    1. Yes, if you want to set up a site or blog of your own to promote the program. If you want help setting the things up, I have a lot of experience in that :)

  15. Is there a way later on down the road to purchase the 2k license fee after joining for the 49 dollar membership with the earnings you aquire from the program i am just wondering the program sounds pretty easy. After completing the 21 steps is there a way to get the license with the commisions I would make in the video the 2k license isn,t mentioned. I,ve be doing some research on this and it all sounds good and legit. I,m new to this whole thing except ofor one thing items a long time ago and got scamed.

    1. No, you can stay as a MTTB member for as long as you want. There’s no force to become a Licensee, you can go for it anytime you want.

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